Introduction - introductie

This blog is not a trail guide. It is about the beauty and the diversity of Curaçao.
There are dry months and wet months, days with wind or storm or no breeze at all.
Due to the weather conditions, you may find he trails to be very different from what our pictures show.

Most recent hikes are described in Dutch / Nederlands (kijk voor de laatste wandelingen in het blogarchief). De paden veranderen snel, ze groeien dicht of worden gesloten. Er komen ook nieuwe routes bij.

The other entrees are in English. Our main object is to show the beauty of the island. We cannot always give exact directions of trail heads or ends.
Many trails change, closed by owners, or overgrown. . the maintenance depends on
enthusiastic volunteers. Our group tries out new trails too.

Important: never go hike alone! When visiting popular places like the Salt pans of Jan Kok or Ascencion Bay don't get out of your car unless other people are there. Leave money, cards and other valuables at the Hotel.
If you have no one to come with you, take a hiking tour with a guide. Please read the page with
tips and info
Do not touch the
Manzanilla tree or its leaves and apples. They are poisonous.
On all photos copyright of the owners.

Enjoy Hiking Curaçao!

Watamula - including pictures of most recent huke.

Last update: trails are o.k. The trail along the coast is a bit overgrown.
Most recent hike: Oct. 2011

photos by G. Kroeger

Ook een fijne duikplek / Also a good place for diving

No matter what, on the Watamula trail you will get lost! You study the map, you read the guide book, but at some point there seems to be something wrong.
First things first: Leave your wheels (well locked!) at the parking of Playa Kalki and start walking. You can also park at thje Kura Hulanda Lodges,  entrance fee Naf.10,- - you can have drinks at the restaurant for that money)
Following the route of the map you'll get to the most western point of Curaçao "Watamula". So far so good
The map tells you there is a path along the South Coast to circle back to Playa Kalki. Oh yes, it is there. But then there is a little boca that needs you to jump and climb to get on with the hike. Some do, of course. You end up following the coastline. Beautiful! But at some point the trail is ... well may be some day, it will be there.
Somewhere you can leave the coast line and turn back to the main trail.

Another way to do this outer West Point, is going North along the coast. And back.

Photos: L. Gill, A.Cools, F.Cools